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Rejuvenate are a innovative company providing a face to face consultation and prescription service which enables non-prescribing aesthetic nurses to continue to provide safe, professional, ethical and patient focused clinics.

The Prescribing director Carron Ingram is a fully qualified Nurse who has achieved the Independent Nurse Prescribing (INP) qualification and is legally able to prescribe and administer botulinum toxins and all other prescription only medicines within her area of competence, and have equal prescribing rights to all UK doctors.

The core values of Rejuvenate's Prescribing Service is to support and enhance your business aims, to provide a safe, dignified, ethical and confidential service to patients seeking treatments such as botulinum toxin. We offer confidential support to non-prescribing aesthetic nurses requiring a botox prescribing service enabling them to continue to protect, maintain and grow their aesthetic business.

We provide a bespoke personal service for practitioners and their patients which will be face to face and meets all the latest regulations and ethical guidance as determined by the GMCNMC and MHRA.

Our Commitment

  • To provide the highest quality of service for the practitioner and their patient
  • To be a responsible service provider and work with medicines and regulatory guidelines
  • To provide robust systems and documentation safe-guarding the patient and protecting the parctitioner
  • To facilitate opportunities for ongoing clinical development

  • Whilst we fully support the decision to stop remote prescribing, we realise that hundreds of very competent and professional aesthetic nurses are now unable to continue treating their clients.

    Rejuvenate would welcome the opportunity of working in partnership with aesthetic nurses who have been affected by this policy change.Rejuvenate can offer prescribing support in West Yorkshire.

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    • Personalised advice on your treatment
    • No obligation
    • Appointments available until 8pm, and on weekends

    Your clients will benefit from a continuity of care,very flexible to accommodate ‘clinic time’ which would suit both you and your clients. I would also like to think that you would enjoy working with me!


    Prescribing - Our Independent Nurse Prescriber will carry out face-to-face consultations in West Yorkshire.

    Face to Face Consultations & Prescribing Service

    Since July 23rd 2012 the General Medical Council (GMC) issued new rules to its members, UK Doctors, stating that the practice of remotely prescribing prescription only botulinum toxin products, such as the brands Botox, Vistabel, Azzalure, Dysport, Xeomin and Bocouture will no longer be permitted and Doctors (or Nurse Prescribers) must see a patient face-to-face before issuing a prescription for the drug.

    This means that the on-going loop-hole of writing prescriptions for Botox following a telephone call, fax, email or voice over internet connection (i.e., Skype etc.) will from July 2012 mean that the Practitioner is practicing outside of the GMC / NMC rules and could face disciplinary charges in the form of a fitness to practice hearing.

    To help aesthetic practitioners in the West Yorkshire area Rejuvenate will provide a medical consultation service for your business.  

    Our Independent Nurse Prescriber will carry out face-to-face consultations in West Yorkshire, ensuring all patients are medically safe to receive any Botulinum toxin product.


    Book an appointment with a £35 Deposit per Client



    Consultations and Prescribing services across Bradford, Halifax, Huddersfield, Wakefield and Dewsbury...Now incorporating Lancashire.